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Our hours of operation are:  Monday–Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

*Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm

Closed Sundays

Please call or text (559) 288-6242 to receive a free estimate of the move job you would like to have done.

We offer a number of services from moving to transport and handyman services! We will load and move items at your request. Want to give a couch to a friend? Buying a TV or an appliance? Just call “Get It 4 Me Delivery Service” and we will deliver it to you.

Cost and Fees

  • 1-2 Items Approximately $85.00

  • Special Handling Items Addition $25.00

  • Upstairs Additional fee $20.00

  • Same Day Cancellation fee $25.00

  • Waiting over 15 minutes additional $20.00

  • Out of Fresno over 10-mile radius $120.00

  • Items returned to store $65.00 (We ask that customers measure their furniture for entry into residence).

**Release of Liability Agreement

Get It 4 Me Delivery Service policy; all customer’s using our moving services agree to our mandatory release of liability for any damages during moving, transport, and assembling of merchandise. Get It 4 Me Delivery Service will not be held responsible.  Anyone that except our agreement for service verbal or written are bound by these terms, of this service agreement.

Get It 4 Me Delivery Service is a separate subsidiary company to any other company. Upon arrival to your address at the customer’s request, the item(s) is considered to be delivered. If the merchandise purchased from the residence does not fit past the threshold, we are not held responsible and we must be paid for delivery. If the customer wants us to return furniture or any other items to a store it is the customer’s responsibility to pay us for any returns.

Our company is a professional and highly qualified business and will use the utmost care with all your merchandise. We are a highly rated moving and transports in quality control and we will strive to keep our clients happy. 

We are a license and bond company. 


**Must be 18 years or older to use our services-ID verification at point of delivery